Frode van der Laak wins 'Best Researcher Award' from the International Congress for Research Excellence

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Thursday, February 22, 2024 at 8:17am UTC

Frode van der Laak wins 'Best Researcher Award' from the International Congress for Research Excellence

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OSLO, Norway, Feb. 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- In an extraordinary recognition of his pioneering research and innovations, Reltime is proud to announce that our Chief Technology Officer, Frode van der Laak, has been awarded the 'Best Researcher of the Year' award from International Congress for Research Excellence (ICRE). This prestigious accolade is in honour of his ground-breaking paper, 'Utilize 5G Mobile Handset as DAO and Node in Layer 1 Proof of Authority Blockchain.'

International Congress for Research Excellence 2024 (ICRE 24) is the renowned International Research Award given to recognize Excellence in various aspects of research & academic development. ICRE 2024 is now regarded as a benchmark of Research & Academic Excellence worldwide.

This award, bestowed by the American Chamber of Research in collaboration with the World Research Council, United Medical Council, International Journal for Science, Technology & Academic Research, Times of Research, and Chronicles Time, highlights Mr. Laak's significant contributions in the field of blockchain technology and his innovative approach of leveraging the immense computing power of 5G mobile handsets.

Mr. Laak's research stands at the forefront of integrating cutting-edge telecommunication platforms with blockchain infrastructures, paving the way for new applications, and enhancing decentralised networks' security, scalability, and efficiency.

Reltime continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in digital innovations powered by blockchain, and this award underscores our commitment to excellence and our role as leaders in the technological revolution.

About ICRE

International Congress for Research Excellence 2024 – ICRE 24 is a part of the Asia Research Awards (ARA) that is celebrating the research minds of the world.  The main purpose of ARA is to create a competition for raising overall performance standards and recognize the achievements of the best-performing researchers, Faculty, doctors, scientists, and scholars.

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About Reltime

Reltime is revolutionising the financial and digital services industry with its advanced Web3 platform. Reltime has developed its own Layer-1 Proof of Authority Blockchain with zero transaction and gas fees. The award-winning platform includes a range of applications such as non-custodian wallets, SuperApp, loyalty programs, payment solutions, lending services, QR codes, CBDCs and digital fiats, and utility tokens. Additionally, the Reltime platform provides customer administration features like eKYC, identity management, SLA, and reporting. By incorporating a decentralised identity, Reltime drives the next generation of digitisation in supply chain management, tokenisation, asset ownership, and global trade.

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Frode van der Laak wins the Best Researcher Award from the International Congress for Research Excellence


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